Giving Thanks

As the leaves start turning yellow and orange and red and strain to be the last hanging onto the tree, and as lights start to twinkle on homes as dusk comes earlier each night, and as the air feels crisp on your lungs and the breeze hints of the winter to come, I feel filled with memories. Memories of pumpkin carving and costume making; memories of family and friends and Thanksgiving dinners; memories of Christmas trees and cocoa and warm fuzzy socks.

As I prepare to move into a house of my own, I think there can be no better time then this time of year. Because that is what the holidays are all about - being surrounded by love and warmth and family and home. Our house is just a house right now, but it is soon to become a home; it will begin to be filled with memories and love. It makes me feel so grateful.

So here's just a few things I am grateful for:

1) A hub who makes me feel beautiful and hilarious and fun...and all things I probably am, but tend to forget about myself.
2) A wonderful family who loves me SOOO much.
3) The two best lil' munchkin dogs around.
4) A job I really enjoy.
5) Some of the greatest friends - my friend list in life may not be the biggest one, but it's the best.
6) Cell phones, Facebook, blogging, e-mail - all the awesome ways I get to keep in touch with all those awesome people who are thousands of miles away.
7) Diet Mt. Dew.
8) The North Dakota accent that sometimes sneaks its way into my speech - I'm trying to fight it, but sometimes it sneaks up on me.
9) Thrift Shops and Dollar Stores full of fun holiday finds.
10) Low interest rates to keep our mortgage payment nice and low!


  1. And I am thankful for a daughter who is wise enough to give thanks ...

    I love you!