4 days!

We close on the house in 4 days! It's hard not to start thinking about (and searching out) all the cool things we would like to [someday] buy for the new house. Including but not limited to:

An awesome sectional for the family room:
A new vanity for the main bathroom:
A dog-door insert for the sliding glass door:
An island-type piece for the kitchen:
A new ceiling fan:
Now if only I could buy it all. :) Oh, well, internet explorer window shopping is fun anyway!


  1. You probably wont need the fan for a bit, as you are heading into nasty Fargo winter. But the couch would be nice for my bum to relax on.

  2. My bum would like the resting place as well. Better make it a GIANT couch.

    Just a few days!

  3. i LOVE that island thing! where did you find that at?