Artsy Fartsy

Remember my tables that we re-painted? Well, here they are in all of their final glory!

Don't you just LOVE my dollar store pumpkins?

And how about that amazing Shih Tzu painting that I found while browsing the aisles with birthday money at Target. It looks just like my little guy - right down to the blue bone collar.

Anyway, it seems a little weirdo-dog-obsessed-lady to have just a big painting of the Rubester...so, with a gift certificate from Valued Opinions, I head on over to Amazon and picked up this gem. I will decoupage lil' Rom onto a wood frame similar to the Rubio painting and I'll have the perfect pair for the laundry room, or the 2nd bathroom, or a guest bedroom (maybe the dogs room?)...

Oh, the possibilities!


  1. How about guest room slash dog room slash crazy dog obsessed lady craft room?

    Can't wait to see it in person.