Important tips on being "green"

I'm a California girl at heart. I was born and raised in the great state and, like it or not, I have inherited a number of traits due to growing up there.

When I moved to Utah, I was shocked to find that recycling bins were optional and pickup of recyclables cost extra. As a consequence, there was very little recycling done. Fargo is a pretty progressive place when it comes to wind power and keeping things "green."

Anyway, the topic came up at work today when one of my co-workers was drinking some soda from a plastic cup. Another co-worker turned and (jokingly) chastised him for using plastic and destroying the earth.

The plastic-cup-using offender tried to defend his cup by noting that it wasn't even his - he stole it out of the cabinet.

It was at this point that a third co-worker peeked over his cubicle and added, "Stealing is green."

I have an entirely new (and much more fun) outlook on recycling/reusing now.

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  1. The whole green thing is giving me a complex. I never remember my 'green' grocery bags and I always feel like an environment-ruiner and an earth-hater and a deteriment-to-society when I ask for plastic bags. So sometimes I try to juggle stuff without a bag. To appear green.

    Sheesh! I recycle, I use manure instead of fertilizer (makes delicious tomatoes!) and I turn off the water while I brush my teeth. But I can happily add stealing to my list.