Recently in Fargo

Okay, so I have really nothing much to say. But I know that inquiring minds out there wonder what's going on out here in Far to the Go, so here's a little update.

Rom has embraced his love for the balcony. If given the choice, he will sit out there all day and just stare. Sometimes people walk by, or cars drive around, but for the most part, I've got no idea what he finds so interesting. Must be that schnauz of his, smelling all the delcious smells. [Please note: This photo was taken over a week ago, 90% of that snow is now gone.]

Rubio has yet to embrace the balcony. You see, it is made of slats of wood, and each time Rubio reaches the end of a slat, he seems certain he is about to fall to his [untimely] death. We'll wean him into it.

Geoff and I hunkered down and got the final room in the house (his office) organized. We've lived here long enough now, that our stuff had started creeping out from its' hiding places and invading our living area. Now we have "a place for everything, and everything in it's place" (quick, name that movie).

Work is going just swimmingly for me. I'm really settling into a nice pace and feeling more confident helping clients on the phone and testing out the software and writing training manuals. Geoff's new pharmacy is fantastic and him and his pharmacy peeps are getting into the swing of things.

The flood has remained at bay and no dikes or levees have given way to the tons of water pressing upon them. In about a week we should be clear of any flood warnings and can start letting spring in!


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