Pros and Cons of the Weekend

Pros of our Trip to Minneapolis:

1) Fantastic hotel room for the price of a smelly, unwashed room.
2) A four-story mall with a theme park in the middle and an aquarium underneath.
3) Free refills on Diet Mt. Dew as long as we didn't lose our cups and didn't mind walking back to the same stop to get the refill.
4) A much welcome break from regular life and a "honeymooner" feeling in the air.
5) IKEA.


1) We didn't buy nearly enough stuff. ;-)
2) Leaving our poor dogs at the evil kennel.
3) No hot tub at the hotel.

Overall we had a FANTASTIC weekend and I actually felt rejuvinated and ready for Monday to roll around.


  1. glad it was fun! We are SO looking forward to something like this in about 6 months! :) I'm so jealous! :)

  2. Did they have Diet Dr Pepper? If so, I am most definitely coming out!