Girls' Night Out

On the menu for AP tonight:

  • Rejuvinating 30 Minute Facial (Cleanse, Mask, Peptide Serum, and Moisturizer)
  • Relaxing Neck Massage
  • Make-up Application
  • Diet Soda
All courtesy of Image Medi Spa. This is my first of four treatments that I magically get for $49 (for ALL four, not $49 a piece). Next time I get a peel, or microdermabraision, or laser hair removal...fantastic. I'm very excited for some pampering.

I'm going with a co-worker since we both agreed to buy the gift cards on the condition we'd go together, otherwise we'd wuss out and never go. It's going to be a lot of fun!


  1. Feeling a little jealous at the moment. But, I can at least get two out of the four. Oh, Matthew!

    Just in case, I am referring to the Diet Soda and Relaxing Neck Massage. The make-up application could be scary...

    Have fun!

  2. Wait...how do you get them so cheap? That is practically a steal!!

  3. I hope it was awesomeness. I'm getting my nails done this morning.

    That's pretty cool.

    Sort of.