Sleep Tight

So, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Kent, Ohio. I've got a HUGE bed, sparkling clean bathroom, 78 channels of television and double-locks on the doors. I'm sitting in bed when I notice a friendly sign on the night table. It says:
My mind first thinks, seriously? I don't think they can just GIVE you ambien. And I read on. they list soft and firm pillows, specialty pillows (what does that mean?), eye masks, ear plugs, and...

Psh. I'm never going home. haha.


  1. Now we know where we're heading for our Girl's Weekend!

    Woohoo! Kent, Ohio, baby. Look out, locals. We're on our way.

  2. hehehe this is hilarious! I hope they wash it after every use. You wouldn't want to cuddle with other people's drool. EW.