Oh, hi O.

I have made it halfway through my first week of install training. Things have been going really well. The "students" are learning and lot and are full of questions about the software and how it effects their fundraising efforts. My supervisor has let me take over as the lead trainer a few times and I have felt pretty good about things. I've got notes for myself on how to improve in the future.

Yesterday it started to snow. It snowed quite a bit...but nothing too out of control. I woke up this morning to a phone call that the station had delayed work for two hours on account of the weather. I looked out my window to see a cloudy, but otherwise lovely day. Seriously? So, we went in to start training at 10am. When we left for lunch around 1pm, the real snow had started to fall. It was kind of a mess out there. My trainer and I are pretty sure that Ohio read the handbook on snow days wrong - you drive when the weather is good, and close up when the weather is bad. And, plowing your roads is a good thing. I know it seems illogical...but it's the best method. Trust me, North Dakota would know.

I'm missing the hub - but it sounds like he's having a pretty rockin' week back in the old Far to the go. So that makes me very happy! As does video chatting.

Hakuna Matata!


  1. I am wondering about the video chatting but will not ask any of my wonderings on account of ... eeew.

    I am so happy that things are going well!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like you are really doing well!

  3. Sounds like things are going well! how long till you have to leave those Teddy bears?! :)
    (and go back to your even more cuddly "bear"!) :)

  4. glad thingas have been going well for you.

    Call me when you get back so we can chat it up.

    I have SO MUCH to say to you