1 Car, 2 Jobs, and a Business Trip

Well, the Passat has gone to that place where all of our cars seem to eventually go. Is there a car heaven? I'm pretty sure there's not. I may or may not be living in car hell, however. This is the third car to "give up the ghost" since we got married 2 and a half short years ago. So, we are doing our best to just live with one car right now. One rear-wheel drive car. In Fargo, North Dakota. Gutsy, eh?

Geoff started his new job on Monday! He's working for White Drug Pharmaceuticals. Ultimately he'll be working at their newest inpatient pharmacy. So new, in fact, it's still being built! He's working this week on some projects to help the warehouse get caught up on some work from the blizzard day. Next week (and for two weeks after that ) he'll be working in the warehouse - all the training on the ins and outs of pharmacy tech-ing for them. Then at the beginning of March, he'll transfer to "his" pharmacy. I'm excited for him to have the opportunity to work in the pharmacy world and to have a chance to decide if pharmacy as a career is the right move. He's gonna be great!

I leave for my first Allegiance business trip on Sunday. I'll be gone a full week in Ohio for an install. I won't lie...I'm a little nervous. I've only been here for 5 weeks! But, I'm also excited. I know the system and I'm sure I'll do okay. Luckily I'll be observing my supervisor most of the time. Trying to absorb as much as I can!

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  1. Oh yes. Car hell. Been there, done that. And so help me, if I have to spend eternity with all the pieces of junk I've ever owned ...

    You'll be great. Ohio won't know what hit them.

    Eeew. The word I have to write is "dicarea"