Well...it means...uh...

So, on Monday, Steph and I were leaving the gym when I remarked to her that my butt hurt (the stationary bike can have that effect). I then thought for a moment and realized that that wasn't true. I then amended my statement and told her that my hind-quarters (okay, I really said butt again, but I didn't wanna overdo it with the butt talk; but now I've said butt twice more then I would have to just type the sentence in the first place) ached.

Then we started pondering the big things in life. Like, for example, an ache and a hurt are two very different things. And I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that they are distinct and also agrees as to their meaning. However, how? How did I learn that an ache = an ache. And a hurt = pain.

Let me define ache for you in my best words: an ache is.......an ache.

A hurt is painful.

Got it?

Me, neither.


  1. I'm glad you described it because I would not have been able to describe it. You described it perfectly! :)


  2. Oh,I definitely understand. It all makes perfect sense to me, which perhaps, is a problem to the general population,

  3. haha this posting made me laugh my BUTT off...hhahah