As it turns out...

So, a few things in my life have recently turned out a little differently then expected:

1) As it turns out, that Calculus class I spent the entire holiday weekend catching up on was the wrong class. I switched from Calc 112 to Calc 119 and spent the most recent weekend catching up on that work.

2) As it turns out, Rom probably hasn't had any food for about 3 days - Rubio has been eating it all. And, as it turns out, when Rubio eats enough food for himself AND a growing puppy, he gains weight.

3) As it turns out, just because I hid the scale underneath the cabinet doesn't mean that the numbers on the scale don't change.

4) As it turns out, we actually have to PAY for that cell phone that Geoff got. Luckily, he didn't go over his minutes!

5) As it turns out, I lost my gym pass and a new one costs $5 to replace. Are they kidding me? I already paid a boatload of money for them to let me in the door anyway. Good luck to them getting me to pay $5...

For the most part, however, life is going along pretty smoothly. Work is busy, school is kinda fun (I like learning), the dogs are healthy and happy, the weather is starting to feel like fall, which reminds me of pumpkins and birthdays, and costumes, and fires in the fireplace. Winter is not invited anytime soon, though. Got that, winter?

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. As it turns out ...
    1) just because my razor says "smooth skin for five days" doesn't mean my legs don't need daily shaving and 2) the lost eyeliner and brush I have been searching for EVERYWHERE for three weeks were in my makeup bag the whole time. But happily, as it turns out, the biscuit dough stuck in my ring make it look like a bigger diamond! Yay!