So, I was sitting in class yesterday learning how to take the derivative of trig functions (you know, sin, cos, tangent...all that good stuff) when my teacher said the funniest thing. "So," he says, "the test starts on Friday. Do you guys all feel ready?"

Wait. What? Test? But I already have a degree, teacher, I'm here for MORE education. I don't actually have to take tests...

Haha. No, but really, I'm kind of excited for the test. Partly because I feel pretty confident with the calc I've learned so far, and partly because I do already have a degree, so worst case scenario, I suck.

Geoff has tests coming up this week and the next as well. I don't miss the days where I had 4-6 classes at once. Whoa.

All in all, we Parkers have become a busy bunch. Between work (full-time for me, part-time for Geoff) and school (full-time for Geoff, part-time for me), and two little dog-children, cleaning, eating, exercise, homework, sleep, and premiere week on TV, we don't have much spare time at all.

Good thing Diet Mountain Dew exists. No wonder the rest of the world drinks coffee.

Lastly, per the request of Mama G, here is an updated picture of Rom:


  1. What the heck?!! Did you groom him too?

    Those are quite the legs he has going on here.

  2. Good luck on your test Amanda! I know you will do great!

  3. 1. Rom is so big!
    2. you are going to freakin ace your test.
    3. you rock.