Rom-bo Update

Well, our little dog-child is growing up nicely. He's got such long legs that it almost looks silly to us since we are so used to Rubio's short legs.

He is a pretty "rom"bunctious guy by nature. He likes to challenge you and purposely push the limits of what we'll allow. And the chewing! He's still doing the teething thing, so we're excited for him to get over that.

Despite his arrogance, he's learning obedience really well. He's about 95% potty trained (and when he has problems it's usually because weren't paying attention!). He can "go outside", sit, stay (granted not for very long...his attention span is teeny), crawl, spin, and "go get 'em" (Rubio, that is).

We have taken Rom on a few outdoor excursions and once he's full grown, it's clear to us that he will be a lot of fun to do "outdoorsy" activities with. He likes to climb and run and carry random stuff around in his mouth. He's a little iffy about water right now because the water at the reservoir and sliding rock was freezing. We hope he'll learn to enjoy water, though.

Rubio is his favorite person. Ever. When we were going to sliding rock, Rubio couldn't come (1 - Shih Tzu's aren't really hiking dogs; 2 - he's blind, that's hard with lots of twigs and rocks and water and danger) so we put Rubio in his kennel and were putting our shoes on to go and Rom would just run back and forth from us to Rubio's kennel wondering what was going on and why Rubio wasn't out to play.

Rubio loves the little guy, too. Rom was out with Geoff the other day and Rubio must have smelled every corner of the house looking for Rom. When he didn't find him he just came and sat in front of me waiting. lol.

We're so glad he got over the parvo and will have a chance to live out a great, fun-filled life. He's a wonderful little guy and we're glad to have him.