As I am getting ready to embark upon year 22 as Amanda (and year 2 as Amanda Parker), I thought I'd take a second to reflect on year 21. Here are the top 21 moments of Amanda's 21st year (in no particular order):
1) My surprise birthday on my 21st - I didn't even know I had enough friends to make a party! It was so nice of all of them and my awesome hub to make the day special.
2) My job - I officially started as a full-time employee for BYU Broadcasting on December 14th, 2007 and I've loved every minute of it since. Photobucket

3) Getting Rubio, our little bundle of dog-joy. Photobucket

4) Buying the cars (Passat and the Mercedes) - although along with the joy of our new cars comes the memory and tragedy of the Probe and the Prelude...may they rest in peace.
5) I'd have to say Tissa's surprise party also falls into my favorite moments, she was so mad at Scott and her reaction was so worth the wait.
6) Matthew D Gamblin is engaged!
7) Geoff and my celebration of our 1 year anniversary. It was perfect.
8) Geoff's graduation from Provo College with a 3.9 GPA
9) Krista's baby and wedding
10) Geoff and I building a couch in 48 hours.

That was intense, but so much fun and a stellar memory. Photobucket
11) Receiving my diploma from Brigham Young University (BA - Sociology, Minor: Communications)
12) My business trip to Pittsburgh. I had a fantastic time and got to feel like a "real person" (that one's for you mom). My memories of Fargo are good, too, but the whole canceled flight situation was a really stressful bummer. :)
13) Geoff and my spur-of-the-moment 4th of July trip to CA. The drive was exhausting, but it was really fun to be that spontaneous.
14) Moving from my cubicle to my office. I like my office. :)
15) Christmas - our trip to CA for Christmas was just perfect and Geoff and I really loved that first chance to spoil each other (however, this enjoyment has carried over to the rest of the year!).
16) Taking my hair through the spectrum of colors - started brown with blonde highlights, went red, dark brown, light brown, and back to blonde.
17) Moving to our new (current) apartment and gaining a bedroom. Photobucket
18) My discovery of the life-changing effects of B-vitamins (perhaps more on this later).
19) Geoff's surprise date to get massages for our (I believe) 6 month anniversary.
20) Any opportunity to dance in the grocery store until Geoff is embarrassed (have you ever noticed how loud the music is sometimes? It's impossible not to move to the beat...much to my husband's dismay at times)
21) This last one may seem a little strange, but to those who were there, it will make sense. One of the best moments of my 21st year was playing poison with my parents and Geoff on our trip to CA for our anniversary. I can't remember a time I have laughed quite that hard.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, just a smattering of the best and happiest of the 21st year of my life. Hope your last year was just as eventful and wonderful.

'Til next time,

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  1. I love the way you sign "Amanda Parker". It's very classic. And that's what I need more of in my life, I have realized. I've got wacky, spontaneous, and modern . . . but classic is good.

    I choose classic beauty. Heck, I'd even choose beauty in a non-classical way!