Got the itch...

I don't have much to report on our lives at the moment...but I just have kind of have the "blogging itch", if you know what I mean. School continues for Geoff. I'll be excited for him when all the general ed classes are over, because that's when school gets to be a whole lot more fun!
Work is going well for me. I'm in the midst of a TV pledge drive, Photobucket which is always kind of a mix of stress, worry, joy, excitement and exhaustion. I worked until midnight on Monday (well, technically Tuesday, I suppose) at a live shoot and I will be working at the studio until 10pm tonight. Luckily, I actually find it to be kind of fun. I just miss Geoff when I'm there!
Photobucket Matt's Birthday is on Friday (tomorrow) and I'm excited for him. His last birthday as an unmarried man. It really means nothing...but birthday's were always kind of a big deal at our house growing up, so they are something I really look forward to. And, if his birthday is tomorrow then mine is 18 days away and Geoff's is 48 days away. Rubio's half birthday will be in November, but I suppose that doesn't mean much. haha.
My first trip this fall is approaching rapidly. Photobucket I'll be going home to Cali on the 27th of September (just for two days) and then a couple days later (my birthday to be exact) me and Geoff are off to San Antonio for a conference for my work. I'm so glad Geoff is coming. A third business trip without him this year would have been way too much for me! Then we'll go back for the wedding in November. It all should make for an eventful couple of months - and perhaps give me more interesting things to blog about.
I guess that's all for now. :)

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  1. Diggin' the coordinated, sun-glasssed, hyper-yellow photo!