Day Twenty: Something You Wonder "What If.." About

Something I Wonder "What If.." About

Graduating high school and going to college is a bit of a crazy time.  Not only are you bidding most of your friends adieu and moving into a dorm with strangers, you are faced with what feels like the weightiest decision of your life - what are you going to major in (and subsequently DO for the rest of your life!). 

I changed my major 5 times.  I started school as a pre-music major (with plans to major in Media Music or Vocal Performance).  I quickly changed to pre-nursing.  Then, after doing poorly in organic chemistry and feeling like I'd never qualify for the nursing program, I changed to a major in dietetics.  Shortly after that I realized that Public Relations would be a really great fit for me.  So, I changed to a pre-communications major and started the pre-reqs to PR.  At this point, however, I was a junior in college looking at another 3 years to get my degree.  Upon further review of my credits, I realized I could get my sociology degree in a couple semesters.  So, I changed to a sociology major and kept a minor in communications. 

If I'm being honest, I LOVE sociology.  It was a natural science for me.  I did great in my sociology classes and wrote some research papers I am still proud of to this day.  I often think about going back and getting a masters in sociology and going into research.  I also think that a thorough understanding of sociological principles has had practical applications in my work life (although I am very glad I did keep my minor - as that has been very helpful as well). 

However, I regularly wonder what would have happened if I'd pushed myself harder to get into the music program, or if I'd stuck it out in nursing or, even, if I'd invested the additional couple of years into a PR degree.  I'm quite happy with my current career path and have no doubt I'll be successful wherever I end up.  But, one thing I do know, I'm not going to be a nurse or a dietitian - and I would have been good at that, too, I'm sure. 

So, I wonder "what if I'd majored in..."

If it weren't so expensive, I might consider getting some additional degrees.  But, it's just not realistic. 


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