Day Nineteen: Things You Want to Say to an Ex

Things I Want to Say to an Ex

I feel like this prompt is meant for someone younger than myself.  Someone who hasn't been happily married for going-on 6 years.  Someone who is still pining over some love lost.  Someone who is still bitter of a bad breakup or bad treatment by a  boyfriend.

I am none of those things.  To be honest, I'm a girl who was pretty lucky in love.  The relationships that I had leading up to Geoff were all mostly positive.  I was treated pretty darn well (for the most part - I mean, teenagers are still teenagers) and the cases where I wasn't, well, it was a long time ago.  I'm not still sitting around wishing I could "let him have it" or "wondering what things might have been like if" because I'm with the one I want to be with. 

Geoff makes me feel beautiful and funny and smart.  He accepts me for my [many] faults and loves and supports me in all my kooky endeavors (heck, he moved to Fargo for me - that's LOVE).  He is the one and, although I wouldn't have admitted it all those years ago (8 now!), he was different from the minute I met him. 

So, sorry to disappoint, but I don't have a list of things I want to say to an ex.  Except for, I suppose, thank you for treating me well and loving me while I was growing up and learning about love and waiting to meet my man. 


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