My October

What have I been up to, you ask?  Let me tell you. 

October 1: I turned 26.  It's kind of baffling.  I graduated college 5 years ago.  I met my husband 7.5 years ago. I graduated high school 8 years ago.  I got my driver's license 10 years ago.  I got my first kiss 11 years ago.  I met my BFF 20 years ago.  Life really does fly!

October 6-15: Packed, searched for apartments, found a new home for Romulus. 

October 15: Got Rom neutered.  Will got sick.  Double ear infection - antibiotics are needed.

October 18: Signed our new lease at our great new place.

October 19: Rented a U-haul and loaded up all our stuff and moved.  This is the day that we sent Rom to his new home.  This was a rough day. 

October 20: Continued to move.  I contracted Will's sickness. 

October 22: Put Rubio on a plane to go to Utah where he'll be staying with his aunt Steffanie for a little while.  This was a rough day.  Carpets cleaned at the old house.

October 23: Cleaned the house top to bottom, removed any final belongings.

October 24: One last trip to the house to put "giveaway" stuff on the curb for takeaway the next morning, throw away trash, and grab final belongings out of the garage.

October 25: Closing day.  Handed over the keys to the old house.

October 27: Costume finalization and pumpkin carving!

October 30: The realization that I can focus on my life again, and not just the perils of moving.  HAPPY DAY.


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