9 weeks.  It has been 9 amazing weeks since Will was born.  9 weeks ago at this time I was lying in my hospital bed, a sleeping baby in the bassinet beside me, a Diet Mountain Dew and Jimmy Johns sandwich in my belly for the first time in 9 months, marveling with Geoff over the miracle that had just occurred. 

I took him to the breastfeeding group I attend weekly (soon to be bi-monthly as I go back to work) and he weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce.  He's gained over 4 pounds since he came home from the hospital! 

His bedtime routine seems to be working out well.  In fact, he's decided he likes to go to bed earlier than I planned for him.  He's been in bed tonight since 8pm.  He's also been practicing sucking his thumb.  At first I really wanted to prevent this, but since he's still probably months away from really being able to put his own pacifier in his mouth, I'd love it if he could soothe himself with his thumb.  Especially because it seems unavoidable at this point that he'll be a thumb sucker. 

He's a happy little guy nearly all the time.  He cries, as babies do, but typically it's short lived and because he's hungry or sleepy or wet.  He loves to play and smile and if it were possible, he'd love to be able to sit on his own.  He hates to be lying down or stuck in a position where he can't see what's going on.  He's just too curious. 

He's not a good napper.  He napped today, but just because I was out and about and he fell asleep in the car seat.  If we're home all day, he has a hard time just closing his eyes - I guess nap time will be a task for daddy to tackle!

I love that he's getting big enough to wear some of his 3 month clothes because he's got so much cute stuff and I enjoy putting together outfits for him.  I think his legs must be skinny, though, because all of the pants are quite baggy on him as of yet. 

Anyway, enjoy some pictures and have a wonderful evening.  I'll be blogging about my posters tomorrow, hopefully. 

Holding tight onto his daddy's fingers.
Enjoying his bedtime bath.
So happy during playtime in his "gym."
Getting sooo good at lifting up his head.


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