New Year? New Everything.

A lot of people have been posting this week about their New Year's Resolutions.  I'm typically a big "resolutioner" and have a list of things to do (almost always including a weight loss or exercise goal).  This year, I'm just putting "survive" at the top of my list. 

With my first day back at work looming just a week away, I think I've re-entered the nesting phase.  I want, so desperately, to get everything organized and routine before I go back to work so I can spend my time at home with the boy and avoid all the distraction that life can bring. 

First order of business - cooking.  I took my plan out for a test run today, and things went surprisingly smoothly.  I made a menu for the week of items that can be made ahead and frozen until it is time to eat.  This consisted of crock pot chicken, shepherd's pie, eggplant casserole, stuffed peppers, and beef stew.  Will spent some time watching (and learning) from his bouncer and some time strapped to me with the carrier.  It took two feeding breaks and 4 hours - but all the dinners are prepared for the week.  I will be doing this on the weekends so that Geoff and I won't have to think about cooking during the week (this should help to save money, time, and our waistlines). 

Along for the cooking ride.
Watching from the bouncer, learning about
potatoes and carrots and pineapple.

I'm exhausted and hopeful that Will will go to bed before 11pm tonight, but it was good to see that I can get it all done in a relatively short period of time. 

Going back to work just means I have to get really organized.  Our lives are about to get pretty crazy with Geoff switching to night shifts and watching the baby and going to school during the days, with me returning to work full time and baby duty in the evenings.  We are certainly going to make it work, because we are awesome, but it won't be without its challenges.  Especially since I'm going to miss that boy so much each day. 

But, step one: Food is under control. 

Next up, step two: bedtime ritual for baby. 


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