A [Little] Person

Today at church, one of the church ladies came up to me to give me a homemade salve she had made from herbs from her garden for baby cuts, rashes, and general ailments.  I thanked her (because that's AWESOME).  She then looked at my little boy and said something that nearly brought me to tears. 

I have lots of people comment on how cute my baby boy is - and let's be honest, he's ridiculously cute.  :-) 

I mean, look at that face!
But this particular lady didn't comment on how adorable he is.  She looked into his eyes and smiled at him.  He looked at her and smiled back, his big, beautiful grin.  She continued to look into his eyes and said to me, "Wow, look at that.  Look at those eyes.  He's so smart.  He's learning right now - what a smart little boy.  You just wait, he's going to keep you on your toes being that smart."  At that, my heart grew tender.

I've been told by fellow moms how amazing it is to watch your baby grow into their personality.  I can already see in Will little pieces of that personality beginning to grow.  It was surprising to me how special the moment was when someone else, practically a stranger, looked into his eyes and saw that, too.  She saw Will.  She didn't just see the sweet blue eyes, or the chubby baby cheeks, or the toothless grin.  She saw a smart, engaged, happy little person

I hope there will be many people throughout his life who can look and SEE him.  And I hope that those teachers, friends, family, and church ladies will help him to achieve all of which he's capable. 

So, thank you, for the salve and for seeing my amazing little boy. 

He thinks I'm HILARIOUS

Okay, mom!


  1. Beautiful. And be sure to know that his Gram looks into his eyes and sees the baby boy that has always been meant for you. That's who Will is!

  2. Welcome to the Mothers of Adorable Babies Club! Isn't it wonderful to see so much potential in your perfect little boy. He is so lucky to have such a wise mommy who sees him for all he is and has yet to become.