Well, here we are.  33 weeks pregnant.  I distinctly remember 22 weeks ago (5 months!) when we got to see our little peanut on the ultrasound for the first time.  He really WAS just a little peanut.  Now he's somewhere around 17 inches long and 4 and a half pounds.  In just 7 (theoretically) short weeks, he'll be making his debut into the world and Geoff and I will become parents.  Ha.  US!  Parents!  Poor kid. 

But, really, we are so excited.  The nursery is about a cute as it could be.  I've got a baby shower scheduled in a couple weeks (I wish all my out of state friends and family could be there!  I love you all!).  I've started washing all our clothes/towels/laundry with "free" detergent and softener so none of my clothes will have scents that might irritate the baby.  I'm looking SO forward to my birthday this weekend, but only because it means I'll be able to say the phrase, "I'm due next month." 

I definitely have spurts of nesting.  Last week was hard for me because I was sick and didn't have the energy to even think about getting anything productive done after work.  But, this weekend I started feeling better and managed to get caught up on laundry, dishes, and general straightening.  I cleaned out my closet and got rid of some old clothes, boxed up my summer clothes, and am feeling a lot better about my clothing organization.  I also bathed the dogs - who were both needing a good bath.  They are now both soft as clouds and just about equally fluffy.  Rom isn't a huge fan of the bath - but he handles it surprisingly well.  Rubio is a pro. 

Overall, things are going well at the Parker house.  Little Ace is growing big, I'm trying to finish some deadlines at work and get the house ready for a baby, Geoff is juggling school and work and an increasingly looney wife.  We are happy, loved, working hard, and squeezing in as much fun as we can. 

Hope life is treating you well, too!


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