So I had two amusing conversations yesterday I thought I'd share with you. 

Conversation One:

The Scene: Geoff and I are driving home from work.  We are carpooling today because earlier in the day we SOLD the Mercedes (so Geoff drove that to work, but gave it to the buyer at lunch, thus becoming carless for the day).  So, I turn to Geoff and say:

Amanda: "Guess what!"

Geoff: "What?"

Amanda: "We are officially a two-car household!"

Geoff: "Woo Hoo!"  At which point he starts laughing.  As do I. 

Amanda: "It's kind of funny that we are celebrating not because we bought a second car, but..."

Geoff: "because we sold our third."

Ridiculous.  All in all that makes 6 cars owned in our not-quite-4-year-marriage.  I reiterate, Ridiculous.

Conversation Two:

The Scene: I am at Walmart (obviously) picking up groceries for Geoff for the week while I'm away.  I'm also picking up a some things for my travels, some new makeup, camisoles, shoes...you know...the neccesities.  So, I get to the checkout.  I used to be a bagger at a grocery store, so I'm very contientious of the way to load my groceries onto the belt.  Heavy items first, then frozen/cold items, then boxed/midweight foods, then eggs/bread/chips - the delicates.  Last on the belt are non-food items.  So, I've got everything loaded onto the belt and I walk over and clear my bags off the little bag carousel so she had free bags and then swipe my card.  The checker is watching me closely. 

Checker lady: "Wow.  You've kind of mastered the Walmart shop there."

Me: Taken a little by surprise, "Well, I have had a lot of practice."

Checker lady: "Well, you know what they say - practice makes perfect."

Me: "That's what I keep telling my husband."

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  1. This has nothing to do with your post, although quite humorous. I just noticed your pregnancy ticker says 17 weeks and 5 days. It's getting closer! Hooray!