Baby Update

Well, hello friends and blog-readers. 

I'm back from Pittsburgh and returning to the swing of my normal routine.  I thought I'd give you all a pregnancy update.  Beside the gender announcement, I haven't posted much regarding the little one, so here's an update for those who are interested (and if you aren't interested, you should be - this kid rocks!).

I'm 23 weeks and 1 day along and I've got 117 days left.  It sounds like a lot and hardly any time left at the same time. 

Baby is apparently the size of a papaya...but at nearly 12 inches and just over a pound in weight, that's one serious papaya. 

He is a mover and a shaker.  He loves to roll around in there and stretch his little self out while he still can - it's going to start getting cramped in there soon.  At pretty much every Dr appt I have, the doc mentions that he doesn't sit still very well for while she checks his heartbeat.  It makes me smile. 

Geoff got to feel him move from the outside for the first time yesterday evening and that was definitely something we've both been waiting to have happen. 

We've got many of our "big" purchases completed for the little one.  The crib, mattress, and changing table are in place.  We have a pack 'n play and some clothes.  My parents will be sending along a bassinet and car seat/stroller before too long.  So, we need to start stocking up on diapers and nursing supplies next.  We've still got quite awhile before the baby actually arrives, but I like to spread out all the prep because if I save it to the last minute I will likely 1) go broke and 2) lose my mind (provided I've got one left at this point). 

We aren't any closer to a name then we were 23 weeks ago.  If anything, we're further!  There are lots of names we like (Will, Lincoln, Liam, Nathaniel (Nate), Samuel, Jackson, Benjamin - as you can see, we are rather traditional), but nothing has really "stuck" yet.  So, I guess we'll see how things progress!

Thanks for all the well wishes and please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we are just one month away from the third trimester!


  1. definitely start buying the diapers now - right around when i started my third trimester, i started buying a pack if diapers every time i headed to target or walmart - just to stock up. the baby will go through an INSANE amount of diapers the first few weeks, so you can never have too many!

    good luck with the name drama - oh honey, i get it - our baby is a week from her arrival, and we still haven't decided. :/

  2. I had a giant papaya once in Hawaii. Or Aruba. Or maybe it was a giant mango.

    Forget it.

    All I know is that I am EXCITED.

    And that's enough. But the credit card helps .... Stay well!