Things that give me a reason to smile today:

1) Remembering the weather last week in Florida as a reminder that this -10 degree weather won't last forever.

2) Reminiscing the FANTASTIC way that my GPS tried to pronounce FGCU Blvd.  Just think about it...

3) The call we got from the car dealership to let us know they were [finally] able to get our car into town and we can go pick it up after work!

4) I've been able to watch Rubio take himself outside to do business whenever he pleases.  He doesn't really have mistakes in the house, but we usually have to suggest that he go out.  Not anymore!

5) All my favorite shows are finally back from the holiday break.

What do YOU have to smile about?

1 comment:

  1. Well, I am thankful that the weather in Florida last week is far more similar to my daily routine than the -10 business...

    AND the pork roast in the oven smells delicious ...

    AND my dog can see!

    The end.