New Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

Don't you think that it's hard this time of year to not get a little bit introspective?  It feels like a time to take stock on where the past has brought you and what the future may hold?

It's really easy to muse over these kinds of things when the snow is coming down and inch an hour and the wind is blowing 50mph and travel is extremely dangerous, if not impossible; even a trip down the street to the grocery store was out of the realm of possibility for us this weekend.

Geoff and I had a pretty exciting year.  New town (heck, new state), new car, new house, new jobs, new friends, new understanding of the word "cold," and an appreciation for family and good friends in faraway places.

This coming year promises lots with business trips, NDSU classes starting, a wedding (yay for AD and Danny!), a baby (yay for Elizabeth and Derek and their soon-to-be baby girl!), our first vegetable garden, and so much more.

I always feel like I could be better.  I could be more efficient.  I could be more focused.  I could be more healthy.  I could be more productive.  But, then I realize that the house is clean, the groceries are stocked, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are eaten, clothes are clean.  I realize that the dogs are happy, the snow is shoveled (mostly), the job is fulfilling.  I realize that I must be doing something right.

Happy New Year.  And remember this while you try to stick to your resolves for the new year: you made it through last year - so you are doing something right.


  1. You are doing a LOT of things right. Happy New Year from one resolved to another!

  2. Thanks for this blog. I appreciate the little lessons within it. You're right, we've made it through the past year, we're doing alright. :)