So, I'm not gonna lie to you.  Our TV rocks.  When we bought it, Geoff was pretty excited to inform me that it had built in wifi and apps.  I was a little confused as to what possible reason I could have for wanting my computer to have apps.  I have learned the error of my way.

Since day one, we synced our TV up with Netflix and have been streaming straight from Netflix through the TV. No computer necessary.  Excellent.

The day finally came a couple weeks ago when Hulu released their "app" for our TV.  We promptly got on the Hulu+ bandwagon and have truly enjoyed watching Hulu right through the TV without having to connect one of the laptops.  Another perk of Hulu+?  Well, in theory we can now stream high def (720p).  Except that, for whatever reason, our bandwidth can't handle it.  It randomly gets choppy.  If we lower the definition we have no problem.  Bear in mind we have been streaming Netflix high def for almost a year now.  What the heck, Hulu?  I didn't know Hulu+ meant you get Hulu plus you have to upgrade your internet.

Oh well, streaming Grey's, Desperate Housewives, House and 30 Rock right from the TV?  Heavens knows I'll upgrade the darn internet...


  1. My only issue with Hulu+:

    What's with not being able to stream everything that's available on the website? Stupid content providers. We are thinking of going to it and dropping the cable, I just wish that Fringe and Chuck could be streamed to the TV as well. But they were only allowed to be streamed over the website, last I checked.

    Other than that, I think it's a pretty great option.

  2. What does HULU stand for anyhow? I don't mean in a philosophical way. Just as an acronym. Why HULU? Why not HULA? Much sexier and conjures up images of swaying hips and tropical breezes. Or HALO but I guess that's some violent video game.

  3. Very cool! Good to know! We LOVE our Netflix streaming to our TV! :) (In fact, I recently have been addicted to Desperate Housewives just because of it...) :) -- we'll see if I'll continue watching however, because I just don't know if I have time time anymore!