Cars, Cars, and More Cars

It's no secret that we have had our share of "cartastrophes" (I'm sorry - I couldn't help it).

In 3.5 short years of marriage, we have managed to watch 3 cars enter the junk yard.  A moment of silence...

As winter approached, we knew we would need another car.  Geoff started school a couple weeks ago, which meant that carpooling to work would no longer be a viable option for us and the Nissan is not a winter-approved car.  So, we set out to find another car.  After our previous stupid experiences watching cars reach their demise, we decided we wanted a car that was under warranty and could last longer then a few months to a year. 

And so, let me introduce you to the newest (and hopefully last-for-awhile) car in our fam, the Kia Optima (I know, Kia, really!):


  1. Welcome KIA. OPTIMUS. PRIME.

    That car is a dude FOR SURE.

  2. Nice. Go Kia. I've actually been impressed with them. They have some nice looking cars. Congrats!