I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I've decided that I really like my doctor.  He speaks my language.  This mostly means that he overuses words like "perfect" and "awesome" and, although I haven't seen his words in writing much, I assume he's a fan of the exclamation point.  For a pregnant lady who feels pretty exhausted most of the time, it's delightful to hear him talk about how great everything is looking for my little gal. 

We reviewed the ultrasound report in which everything came back "unremarkable" (which he assured me was a good thing, but I corrected him and let him know that this little lady is certainly remarkable).  The ultrasound report didn't include gender, but he was thrilled for me when I told him it was a girl - as he knew we had a son at home - and he remarked "You guys are living the American dream!"  That made me smile.  Two kids in your mid-twenties doesn't seem to be the American dream any more, but it is exactly what we want in our lives.  To have our little boy and, now, a little girl on the way - he was right - that is our dream.  We are so lucky to be living this wonderfully blessed life of ours with our awesome little family. 

Will is doing great.  He's learning new words every day and it blows me away how big he is getting.  I can't believe that just a couple years ago, I was still pregnant with him.  Time is an amazing thing.  He's just 6 weeks shy of of his 2 year birthday - and you can tell.  Just in the last few weeks, he's starting transitioning into a "two-year old."  He's still a really laid back and sweet guy, but he's apt to get a little more easily frustrated (and equally loud) when things don't go the way his was expecting.  Luckily we've only really had a couple of major meltdowns and as he gets even better at communicating his needs verbally, I think we're going to have a pretty good kiddo on our hands. 

Oh, and for anyone wondering, we won't be having the same naming dilemma with this little lady like we did with Will.  We already have a name all picked out - but I'll wait a little bit to share it, as we do want to share it with our families first.  :-)

Otherwise, things are going pretty smoothly around here these days.  Geoff got assigned "his" store, so in another week or two he'll graduate from "Manager in Training" to "Manager."  I'm excited for him.  He's worked really hard to get his training and certifications completed and it's going to be great for him to start managing his own store/team. 

The A's are getting ready to wrap up their season shortly and are in the midst of their last home stand of the season - so Geoff and I are going to head to the game on Friday (for Star Wars themed fireworks after the show as well!) to celebrate this great season.  There's also a chance they could clinch the division on Friday - so it would be awesome to be there when they do. 


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