The things you learn...

So, my new job has introduced me to the awesome world of work-from-home.  Now, admittedly, this might not be for everyone.  Luckily I work for a company who embraces the "mobile worker" idea entirely.  Sometimes I work from home, sometimes I meet up with co-workers at various co-working locations around the Bay Area, sometimes I work from my dad's office at my parent's house while my mom watches the little man.  I love it.  I have the right personality and work style to be focused and successful working remotely.  However, a home office does bring up a few realizations.

1) I'm not as tidy of a person as I'd like to think.   When no one else ever sees your office, the incentive to make sure all your files are in order and that there's not a plate of leftovers living on your desk for two days is significantly diminished.

Okay, it's not THAT bad.
2) I drink A LOT of soda.  Like, A LOT.  This isn't news to anyone who has ever spent an afternoon with me, but still.  I have an Ikea expedit desk (which I love), but this means there are for cubes that are under my desk and unseen.  I've been storing cans in there for 3 weeks now.  I just brought up a garbage bag to take them down to the recycling.  It's half full.

3) I'm not as lazy as you might think.  I don't ever work in my pajamas or without makeup.  It just doesn't appeal to me and I don't think I'd get nearly as much work done looking like I just rolled out of bed.
Okay, shoes are optional.
4) I need surprisingly little to get my job done.  Co-working at various locations around the Bay Area has made me realize how very little I need to carry around to get in a full day of work.  My MacBook, cell phone, notebook, headset (earbuds with a mic), wallet and travel mouse are really all I need to be really productive.  At home I've got a few more goodies (giant monitor, keyboard, etc...), but it feels good to be streamlined.

5) Food is not my friend.  A fully-stocked kitchen is a dangerous thing.  Especially when the only real excuse to get out of the office is to go down for a snack.  I eat far too many snacks.  I need to find a new break hobby!
If I'm not careful...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take my dishes to the kitchen now...and maybe grab a snack. ;)


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