Last Weekend

True fact about moving to California: My weekends are not what they used to be.

My weekend routine used to be pretty much a science:

Friday Afternoon/Evening: Play with the kiddo until bedtime, watch a show with Geoff/hang out.
Saturday Morning: Make a grocery list, go grocery shopping with Will
Saturday Afternoon: Clean and do laundry while Will napped (Geoff was at work)
Saturday Evening: Hang out and play with the kiddo until bedtime.  Watch a show with Geoff or play games.
Sunday Morning: Church
Sunday Afternoon: naps for all
Sunday Evening: (see the previous two evenings).

It wasn't exciting, but it was routine and easy.  We had nice weekends.  Now, we have AWESOME weekends.  Ha.  Weekends involving helping my mom cater weddings, baby showers, walks by the water.

And then, there was last weekend:

Friday Evening: Star Trek Into Darkness with Geoff, my dad, my brother, and my sis-in-law (SIL) Lindsay.

Sorry we are grainy.  Movie theaters aren't the best for photos.
Saturday Morning: Rehearsing my song for Sunday's concert and trying to find an outfit to wear for said concert.
Saturday Afternoon: Mad dash to get the house decent enough for a baby sitter to see it.
Saturday Night: A's game with Geoff followed by Star Trek Into Darkness-themed fireworks.  We watched from the center of the outfield and it was a great fireworks show!  Bonus: The A's won!
The view from on the field while we waited for fireworks.
Sunday Morning: Tech rehearsal for the VOENA Alumni concert that afternoon
Sunday Afternoon: Performing in both group numbers and a solo at the concert.
Sunday Evening: Dinner with the Gam Fam and Will playing with his cousin until well past his bedtime.

It was a really fun weekend.  Luckily this coming weekend isn't quite to jam packed so we'll get a bit more relaxing in.  Geoff starts his job next week, so he'll probably want to soak up all the lazy time he can.  


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