Geoff and I (and Will) braved the DMV today (which all-in-all was a very good experience) and spent the requisite money to become licensed Californians. 

We both passed our tests (although, since I was technically renewing, I didn't have to take the whole thing, just the first half) and then registered the Kia - who now doesn't stick out like a sore thumb driving around.  It's quite exciting!  Although, then I had to update our car insurance...and it's more expensive to insure a car in California (no surprise, of course), so that's a bummer.

And, additionally, we are both not only Californians, but employed Californians!  Geoff was offered (and accepted) a job on Friday.  I'll wait to share any details - because he hasn't yet.  But he's going to be great and, even better, he's going to love it.

Now, just one California logistic left...daycare.  Wish us luck!

P.S. We live in the Golden State and our street name (in spanish) is Street of Gold.  There is a reason that the 3OH!3 song Streets of Gold is always in my head...

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  1. Hmmn. It reminds me of The Fastball song, The Way when I think of streets paved in gold. "It's always summer, we'll never grow old. Never get lonely, never get old and gray."

    Well, that's depressing.

    Love the paper on your blog. My wallpaper growing up looked like that but WAY brighter.