Ways to be. Inconspicuous.

So, Geoff and I are at the mall.  To look at puppies.  We stop by the mall at least a couple times a month to go to the pet store and admire the sweet little guys (I know, I know, North Dakota is probably the last state in the Union to allow people to put puppies in little plastic cages and let shoppers poke and prod and gawk and ooh and ahh over the inhumanity).  Anyway, the pet store is off in an odd corner of the mall located between the Roger Maris Memorial (again, I know, I know) and a Tuxedo shop. 

So, Geoff and I finish looking at all the tiny, fluffy puppies and we turn to exit the mall.  As we are walking past the tux shop, I am stopped cold.  I'm pretty sure I gasp.  At this:

I'm not sure this photo does it ANY justice.  But...can you see the leaves?  The bark?  The twigs? 

So, all you outdoorsy types. For you next prom, wedding, or barbecue...we've got your tux. 


  1. I am pretty sure that the tuxedo store in my area mall(s) does not include such a specimen. It may however, have another version of the "green" tuxedo, complete with all types of shall we say ... weed? Gotta love this county. Ha!