Irrigation Irritation.

We brought Geoff's Nissan out of storage on the 31st of March.  Since then, Geoff has been dying to "take a drive" at every chance available.  Last night he suggested we take a drive out to north Fargo to take a look at the river.  We did this regularly last year during the flood season and find it very interesting to watch streets and sidewalks and street signs disappear into the ever increasing river levels.  The river is at 31.6 feet currently.  Most of the dikes protect the city up to 40 feet.  The estimate is that the river will reach 38.5 feet by Saturday.  Yowza.

ANYway.  So, Geoff and I are out for our drive.  One of our favorite places to check out is called Mickelson Park.  It's actually a complex of little league fields that doubles as river overflow during the "high tide."  So, we're down admiring Lake Mickelson, as it were, when Geoff starts laughing. 

I look at him quizzically when he points and says, "You need to take a picture of that."

I also LOL'd. 


  1. The City of Fargo has mastered the Art of the Understatement.


  2. I wanted to leave a clever comment, but nothing is coming. So...nice photo, good story, great eyes Geoff. That's all I got.