A room full of schnauzers

There are a lot of things I really love about my schnauzer. He's handsome and friendly. He thinks I'm the best thing in the whole world. He doesn't like to give wet, slobbery kisses, but short, little mini-licks. He's smart - most of the tricks he knows he taught himself. He is super sweet and is a really gentle dog.

However, he is not patient.

He knows what I want him to do when I say sit and stay...but it doesn't mean he can maintain the seated position for any real period of time.

Earlier this week I was meeting with my youth group (girls ages 8 to 11) and I had a flashback to life at home.

The girls are great. They are smart and funny and tons of fun to work with. However, this Wednesday, they were like a room of Romulus'. As soon as I got them to sit down and listen to me, mayhem would break loose. Girls pulling on my shirtsleeve for my attention; girls at the chalkboard drawing pictures; girls yammering to each other or to me or to themselves.

I could get them all to sit again - but certainly not for long. A few seconds later - the noise level of the room would grow and seats would empty.

I used to think that maybe I'd like another schnauzer - but after this week, maybe one is enough.

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  1. Maybe you should have throw a tennis ball for them to chase ...

    Just a thought.

    Carry on!