House Shopping

What we want in a house (note, these pictures are not to be taken literally, just as examples):

Open floor plan with interesting architectural details
Large, inviting kitchen
Master suite
A jetted tub in one of the bathrooms
At least one other bedroom on the same floor at the master
At least 3 bedrooms in the house
At least 2 bathrooms
Decent sized yard
Unique, modern home features, but also something with plenty of room to personalize/DIY projects
A two car garage with extra space for storage/tools

Oh, and did I mention I'd like that all within my budget?

Geoff and I spent the better part of our weekend looking at houses and just haven't found one that has it all yet. Hmm....time to keep looking? Or time to change our hopes?

P.S. Some of the houses we saw got really close to having it all. So maybe we just settle for close?


  1. Even tho I'm pretty sure this house is perfect for you (are the pics only one house? I'm not sure...) sometimes you have to make a priority list of the top 2-3 things (if you move in and those 2-3 things are wrong and will drive you insane the whole time you live there) and settle for the one that has the little things that you know you can live with. Does that make any sense? All I know is that I'm so glad to be (temporarily) out of our train wreck of a house, even tho we're in a tiny apartment!

  2. Good luck. We are looking right now too...it's not easy and it's so hard to not want more than is in the budget! What cool pictures! :) Don't you sometimes wish you could just have whatever you want?! :)

    Good luck! Hope you find something you love and sooner than later because house hunting is hard work!

  3. I met a house yesterday that is my soulmate. I never knew I could feel this way ...


    But my budget is a teeny tiny bigger than yours. Good thing, too. I have a feeling that property is a teeny tiny more expensive out here.

    BUT ... enjoy! You'll know when you meet 'her'. You won't even mind her flaws.

  4. Love! I am a bit jealous, but really so excited for you :)