Highly Gifted

In honor of turning 24, I wanted to make a list. But 24 whats?

For you: A list of 24 of the greatest presents I've received. Please note, this list is missing MANY, MANY, MANY wonderful gifts and this list is NOT in any sort of order of importance.

So here you have, The Top 24 Reasons I'm a Lucky Lady:
  1. Trip to Disneyland with my mom, pop, and BFF for my 16th birthday.
  2. My engagement ring.
  3. My first car, given to me the Christmas after my 16th birthday - a Ford Probe. It blew up shortly after Geoff and I got married in 2007.
  4. My iPod touch Geoff got me for my birthday in, I believe, 2008.
  5. My iMac laptop I got for my high school graduation.
  6. A few hours at a recording studio to record a few of my favorite songs to sing on a CD of my very own. That was a blast.
  7. My paper rose that Geoff got me for our first anniversary (the paper anniversary). It's gorgeous - and will last forever, just like us!
  8. My dad took me to a playoff game (A's vs. Red Sox) on my 17th birthday. The game went into extra innings and we (the A's. of course) won via sacrifice bunt. It was awesome.
  9. In spring of 2009, my mom came out to Utah and took me to St. George for a shopping spree!
  10. My BFFs AD and Krista came out to Utah my sophomore year of college for an awesome visit.
  11. Shortly after we got married, my grandpa bequeathed his 6 month old puppy, Rubio, to us. He is now an integral piece of our life. We love that little guy.
  12. Valentine's Day 2009, Geoff showed up at work and left behind some wonderful surprises for me - the most amazing of which was my own personal, awesome, computer chair. I still sit on "The Throne" every day at work.
  13. The Christmas after our wedding, Mama G got us a calendar printed for the coming year without wedding photos as the calendar images.
  14. Last year for my birthday my mom gave me a true, real Tiffany bracelet. I never knew how magical it could feel to open that little blue box.
  15. When I turned 14, my mom took me to get my hair colored for the first time. I got blonde, kind of streaky, highlights.
  16. For my birthday sophomore year of high school (hey, I was only 15), I got tickets to see The Backstreet Boys on their Black and Blue tour.
  17. Last year I found out that my brother and his wife were gonna have their first baby! That was quite a gift!
  18. One present that has always stuck with me and I don't know why: for Easter when I was...young...I got a Disney Fox and the Hound VHS. That movie still makes me cry.
  19. My class ring that I got my senior year of high school.
  20. For our wedding, a family friend gave us a one-night stay at their timeshare in San Francisco for the first night of our honeymoon. It was perfect!
  21. My fake Uggs my mom bought for me, like, 5 Christmases ago. I still use them to this day, even in Fargo winters.
  22. I got to work today and from my co-workers I had 24 Diet Mt. Dews, 24 Bite Size Red Velvet Cakes, 24 cookies, 24 stickers, 24 twenty-fours, 24 suckers, and 24 Reeses sticks. Welcome to work!
  23. Last year for my birthday, Geoff surprised me by re-doing my office at work. It was such a fantastic surprise!!
  24. Another year! Here’s to fast approaching a quarter century of life.
As you can see above, it’s been a great one so far!

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  1. Oh, those are fun memories! I remember lying in bed and listening to you and Dad on your cell phone whooping and hollering at midnight at the Pay-off Game!

    My best 24 gifts? Each year I've had with the best freaking daughter in the world!

    Here's to many more!