It May Have Been Short

Our weekend to CA for Cole's blessing may have been short, but it also couldn't have been much sweeter.

We flew out Friday afternoon/evening. Matt and Lindsay picked us
up at the airport - where I finally got to meet the little Cole man in person. He's even more perfect in person then in his pictures.

We spent most of the day Saturday spending time together at Matt's apartment. Mom and Pa showed up a little later. Dad took the men-folk to the movies while us ladies did nails and ooohed and ahhhed over the baby. Dinner that night at Sweet Tomatoes was pretty hilarious. It always feels good to laugh with the fam. We do a lot of it!

Sunday was the blessing. Cole was perfectly behaved through the whole thing and Matt did a wonderful job blessing his first little one. There were tons of family there. Grandma and Grandpa Gamblin came, AD and Danny, Lindsay's grandparents, my great-aunt and some of her kids/grandkids. We went to the park after church and had a Cafe Rio style buffet - delish!!! It was so nice to get to just hang out with AD, too. I feel like every time I see her it's kind of a hurried situation - so it was nice to just spend the day together. I miss her.

Monday we woke up at our hotel and had waffles with Mama and Daddy G. Then we went back to the apartment and soaked up as much Cole as we could before we had to head back to the airport.

It was so great to see the fam, laugh, meet the little man and just have a wonderful time. Thanks to Matt and Lindsay for being so hospitable to us crazy North Dakotans. We'll be back soon!


  1. Glad it was so fun! He's a cutie! That closeup of his face really reminded me of Kyler! lol guess a lot of babies look alike, huh?! (at least cute ones!!) :) haha

    So...when are you guys gonna have a cute little one?!!??! :)
    (The pictures of you guys with Cole--you just look like naturals! It fits!)

  2. I agree with Katrina, except that I think he looks like Carson too! haha Ya you two need to get goin on the baby making train!! You'll make such cute babies!