C'mon Get Happy

20 Things that make me happy:

1) The hub
2) My pups
3) 50 cent ice cream cones at McDonald's
4) Thunder
5) Mika and other equally fun music
7) TV shows, including, but not limited to: 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, Fringe, House, Desperate Housewives, and Psych
8) Popcorn
9) Pedicures
10) Introspection
11) Hot tubs
12) Shopping
13) A Clean House
14) My job
15) Bike Rides
16) Blogging
17) Cooking something that turns out like it's supposed to (thank you South Beach Diet Cookbook!)
18) Photobooths
19) Winter clothes
20) Candid photographs

Just felt like sharing. Leave a comment and let me know what makes YOU happy.


  1. 1. Nectarine juice dribbling down my chin.
    2. 1953 ford jubilee edition tractors.
    3. Fields of sunflowers.
    4. Paying my respects.
    5. Diet coke with a vanilla shot at the ice burgie.

    Yup. Gridley makes me happy.

  2. COLE!

    Why has he not been mentioned?