Lifestyles of the...

Geoff and I had a pretty super weekend. It consisted of:

  • Couples golf with some friends of ours in Minnesota (it was my first time and the other wife's first time - I was the worst, but it was still lots of fun!).
  • Lunch at a little hole in the wall burger joint where we sat on the patio right next to Little Floyd Lake (pictured).
  • Shopping around at some pawn shops for fun stuff (we ended up finally caving and buying a PlayStation 2 and rock band).
  • Geoff surprised me with a stay at a local hotel in a 2 bedroom suite full with kitchen. We spent the evening in the hot tub, sauna, playing rock band, gorging on pizza. It was great!
  • I worked on my blanket and am nearing completion - I should have it done in time for the baby blessing.
  • Driving to and from all the aforementioned locations with the t tops off on the Z.
All in all it was a pretty spectacular weekend.

P.S. at the one of the shops we visited this weekend, they were selling this painting:
How this guy got my dog to pose for him I'll never know. But that is EXACTLY my dog. Right down to the collar.


  1. You should have bought the painting!! SO cute!

  2. My life pretty much sucks, I think.

    But I'm wondering ... is there a Big Floyd Lake?