What's Wrong with the Status Quo?

So, I was sitting and musing about what my next blog should be about when I came to the realization that nothing has happened worth blogging about since my last blog.

Life is just kind of following along the status quo. Work, school (started on Wednesday for Geoff), caring for the dogs, cleaning, cooking, fro-yo, and the Food Network fill most of the hours of the days.

However, I also find absolutely nothing wrong with that. Routine and consistency (at least for me) are great things. So, power to the status quo!

And for your viewing pleasure, a few more vacation photos:


  1. Hmmn. Everyone else on the river is in tanks and tees. And I'm in a coat. What do you think that means?

    I probably also had socks in my pockets.

    I miss those days. They beat the status quo hands on. :>)