2 Years

It has been ages since I blogged. My apologies to the 4 people who actually read my blog. ;-)

A lot has happened in the past little while. Romulus came home from the hospital for good. He'll be hitting the 13-week-old mark on Saturday and is happy as a clam. He is getting so big! He's as tall as Rubio now (although he's about half the length). He's got quite a personality as The Engebretsen's can attest. They watched the dogs while Geoff and I went on a 9 day fairy tale vacation to California.

And while we were in CA, we did about everything you can imagine! It was amazing, fun-filled, sun-filled, and just wonderful.

Here's a quick rundown of what we did:

Friday, August 14 - We took a flight to the Oakland Int'l Airport where my awesome sister-in-law, Lindsay, picked us up. We went back to her and Matt's place and did some shopping while we waited for Matt to get off work. We all went out to dinner and fro-yo. All the while, Mama G was texting us with clues about the surprise activity they had planned for us on Saturday. After about 10 clues we figured out we were going to see Wicked in San Francisco!
Saturday, August 15 - We met my parents in San Francisco for a day down on the piers followed by Wicked downtown. The show was amazing and I'm so glad I had the chance to see it! What an amazing surprise.

Sunday, August 16 - After church, we made the 3.5 hour drive up to my grandparents house in Redding, CA. On the way up, my mom needed our advice. Lindsay's mom had chosen the "nickname" that she wanted the grandkids to call her someday. So my mom was torn about whether or not she should be grandma or come up with something cuter/more unique. Geoff and I determined that Mama and Daddy G are far beyond "grand"parents and that they should be the uberma and the uberpa. Regardless of what Matt's kids call the parents, our kids will definitely know them as the uberparents.

Monday, August 17 - We head out to Lake Shasta to rent a patio boat for a day on the lake and boat camping. More details about this whole event to come in a future post.

Tuesday, August 18 - Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! The two years have just flown by and Geoff and I are more in love today then we every thought we could be. We went out to the best Thai food we've ever had and then shopped and hiked up to a gorgeous (and very private) waterfall. We ended the evening taking a late evening stroll across the Sundial Bridge in Redding that is an actual working sundial that crosses over the Sacramento River.
Wednesday, August 19 - We drove back down from Redding in the morning. In the evening, Geoff and I went out to dinner at Guy Fieri's (if you don't know who he is, go watch some Food Network) restaraunt Johnny Garlic's. It was great. Then dad rented an on demand movie for us all to enjoy.

Thursday, August 20 - River Rafting down the (very tame portion of) the Russian River. We had so much fun - despite Geoff's broken seat about a mile in and resulting full leg sunburn!

Friday, August 21 - In the morning, my best friend in the whole wide world, Amanda D, came over with her nephew Matthew. It was so great to catch up with her and finally meet that little charmer. In the afternoon, Geoff, Daddy G and I went to Scandia to play Mini Golf, Bumper Boats (we got SOAKED), batting cages, and the arcade. It was a downright blast.

Saturday, August 22 - We piled into the Civic yet again for a little road trip down to the beachside town of Santa Cruz. We ate a picnic lunch on the beach and watch Geoff boogie board the freezing waves of the northern CA beach.
Later, we got passes for the rides on the boardwalk and had a blast riding them together. Note to all: Don't ride the log ride with the two Gamblin men unless you want to get REALLY wet.

Sunday, August 23 - After church, we packed up all our stuff and after a lovely dinner, we head out to the airport to come back home. We were glad to see our doggies, but sad to see the vacation end.


  1. I'm so glad you guys had such an awesome time!

    You were missed. Not only by your dogs but by me!

  2. no wonder you haven't posted for a while! You've been downright busy! So glad you guys had so much fun on the vacation! Looks like the perfect way to celebrate 2 years!

  3. Wow that is quite the vacation!! How awesome! I am so glad you guys had such a blast!

  4. I'm jealous of your fun level!! Glad you could have such a fun anniversary tho!

  5. Your parents really MUST be Uber as I imagine they may have financed a TEENSY portion of the fun. Super Uber even. Maybe even Ultra Uber.

    This silly spellcheck doesn't think that uber is a word. Wrong! Lame!

    Wish we were back on the lake buckin' that bronco. Yeah.