Update Time!

Just a quick update on what's going on in our lives.
Rubio is adapting famously to his sight impaired condition. He has figured out how many steps it takes to get to the top of the stairs out of our apartment and pulls so hard on his leash because he wants to run (he has no idea what a bad idea it would be for him to run crazy...lol...he'd smash into everything from bushes to lightpoles)! I joined a Yahoo! group for blind dog parents and have gotten some great tips. I'm going to be fashioning him an toy later this week that we should be able to play fetch with. He brings me his hot dog (stuffed) all the time, but when we toss it, he can't find it. So, hopefully his new ball I'm going to make will solve that problem.
Geoff has a midterm this week and hopefully life will slow down for him just a little bit once it's over. It's been awhile since I had to do the school thing, and it just reminds me how much work it was and how proud I am of him for sticking it out.
The weather teased us with spring last week...and now it's freezing again. We went on a couple bike rides this weekend and played 16 holes of Frisbee Golf (the course is two holes short...how bizarre is that?). I'm terrible at Frisbee Golf, but remain hopeful that maybe I'll get better as time goes by. Geoff gets better and better every time. It puts me to shame. ha. Hopefully once this storm passes, we'll get to enjoy some more great weather. I love not having to wear a coat!
I guess that's kind of what's going on...missing out on a lot of details, I'm sure!

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  1. Sorry about your lousy weather. I have lilacs blooming out of the window (in front of the computer so I can enjoy them) and I just planted tomatoes, snap peas, green beans, squash and herbs.

    It's why people live in California, chiquita. I'll bet most of your "cohorts" in Utah we be surprised that I grew up on a farm with organized trees and never put my toe in the ocean until I was 19. Go figure!