Valentine's Recap

Well, Valentine's Day number 2 as a married couple was fantastic. As noted in my previous entry, Geoff surprised me the day before with a fantastic array of gifts at work.
On the actual "day of love" Geoff and I woke up bright and early and hit the gym. Afterward, while Geoff showered and got ready to go to school for some good study time, I made him a "heart-shaped" pancake with strawberries and whipped cream and bacon. I rarely have the opportunity to make Geoff breakfast with our crazy schedules, so it was fun.
Then Geoff had to go study for a million hours and I had pies to make for a family dinner, so we parted ways for awhile.
After he got back, we went to build-a-bear and made bears for each other. This was a really fun thing to do and I totally recommend it!We got home around 7 and our reservations for dinner weren't until 9, so I had plenty of time to make myself look respectable for a nice dinner out. We met up with Scott and Latissa at Tucanos and had a wonderful, relaxing dinner. Overall it was just a spectacular day and I was just reminded of how much I love my husband and our amazing life together.


  1. Yes, it was a lot of fun, and we completely enjoyed spending dinner with you two!!

  2. It all looks so fun! But there is simply not enough PINK involved in your Valentine's Day celebrating. Perhaps we can change all that in 2011 when you are the special guest at my 8th Annual Pink Dinner!