Office Makeover!

The pictures aren't much, but I'm still excited to share my recent office makeover. I've been wanting new artwork in my office since I moved in. Artwork, however, is expensive! So, I kept putting it off until I got this great idea! I bought 4 puzzles at Wal-Mart that I loved. I put them together and used puzzle glue to seal them together. I then painted 4 frames in coordinating colors - and tah-dah! Artwork! :) I bought a matching mirror as well to make the space seem a little larger. Enjoy!


  1. It looks good! The puzzle thing is a great idea. Your office is a nice size too.

  2. Fabulous! Too bad your office doesn't have waterfalls and summer breezes, but we can't all get our work accomplished in the pool like someone-else-we-know!

    But not today! Alas, the water temp is running 50. I'm shooting for an April move-in date. :>)

    A big huge X and a big huge O.

  3. Your office looks great. You are so talented, and smart and now a designer too. Wow!