Parker Update

Well, it's been some time since I updated on our lives. That's mostly because there hasn't been any big or exciting stories to post. I guess, however, that that's the best news in and of itself. :) Our lives are just cruising along and we are here together for the ride.

Geoff is well entrenched into semester #2 at UVU and is having a lot of success so far. His anatomy class is tough stuff - way harder than the one I took. Luckily Geoff is great at memorization, so hopefully it won't get too bad!

I'm into year 2 as the fund raising master (ha...I should ask for a title change...) for KBYU TV, and I still love it. Geoff at I will celebrate our 18-month anniversary next month, as well, which is exciting. I didn't think it was possible to love him more than I did on our wedding day - but I easily love him 100 times more today. I am so thankful for his love and support and I know that he is truly my perfect match.

In other news, Geoff and I have a class of 10 sunbeams this year. Yesterday we had half of them...and it was pretty crazy! Luckily they are super cute, sweet kids, so we can't help but love them - however, we are definitely ready for a nap after 2 hours corralling them. I've made a mental note not to have quintuplets. ha.

I learned the definition of Sleet this weekend...and I think I was better off before I understood what it really meant. It means that it looks like it's snowing outside, but what ends up on the ground is a slippery, wet mess! Gratefully, my parents gave me new boots for Christmas so I can keep my feet dry! My dog, however, is a whole different story. He looks so homely and homeless during the winter. I dare you to try to keep a dog clean when he gets wet every time you take him out! I'm thinking of buying 100 aerosol cans and spraying them directly at the sky in hopes of creating a bigger hole in the atmosphere, thus speeding up global warming. :-) Or maybe Geoff and I will learn to carve statues out of coconuts and we'll go live on a tropical island somewhere and sell our artwork. Hmm...why haven't I thought of this before.

Lastly, I have learned a slightly demoralizing fact about myself recently. I'm a sucker for an informercial. Now, I'm smart enough that I don't actually call and order everything I see...but you better believe I'm the one watching, nodding along with the host thinking, that IS the best idea I've ever heard. Be it the Malibu Pilates Chair, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, or the Chic Shaper. Unfortunately, because of the time of day I go to the gym (6am), I see lots of informercials. This has caused me to create an 11th dream job - infomercial crap tester (clearly this needs a better title, perhaps merchandise evaluation master). I'd love to order everything I see and try it and then report on whether it's a scam or amazing.

Best Wishes!



  1. We have the Jack LeLane Power Juicer! I haven't used it in awhile, but love it when I do. It great.
    I know what you mean about keeping a dog clean in the winter. I wish there was a way Harvey wouldn't ever have to go outside. Maybe doggie diapers? There's an idea for an infomercial!?

  2. I'll save you the time.

    It's crap!

    Possible exception: Susan Lucci's Malibu Pilates Chair. If I could look like her . . . only taller, blonder, with a more up-to-date bang cut . . .