December Photo Essay

Wondering what we're up to?  Now you know!

Helping to decorate Papa and Dizza's Christmas tree.

Cole and Will were good helpers.

These poor reindeer never have their antlers on straight (lately Will has taken to just pushing them over altogether).

Felt tree - he loved it for awhile and has also since taken to throwing all the ornaments on the floor.

Laundry is fun!

Making Christmas cookies with Dizza (i.e. Grandma Gamblin, for anyone who didn't know).

32 weeks preggo (I'm up to 34 now!)

Pinterest helped me decorate with these DIY showflakes.

My nativity display.

Will at the ER after he cut his lip open.  No stitches needed, just glue and tape strips.  It's healing nicely.

Went to the local holiday parade and outdoor market (where do I live!!)

Presents are starting to appear!


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