A bit boring.

So, I'm kind of boring these days. 

Boring in a good way.  Boring as in routine, I suppose.  Not as in "dull." 

His hair was getting so long, so I styled it a bit during bath time.  And, yes, the Mt. Dew bottle is a bath time favorite.
I've been a little overwhelmed my blessings as of late.  Last week I traveled to Minneapolis, MN for my work's "Pop-Up HQ."  Since we don't have a physical headquarters (yet), we have a quarterly meeting where everyone travels to one spot for a week of co-working and planning.  This was my second one with the company and they are always awesome.  It's so great to get together with the great team and refocus.  I really love my company and my job and I'm so grateful to be a part of this team. I am also so grateful to have my mama nearby now who is willing (and able!) to watch Will when it turns out Geoff and I were on business trips the same week!
Out for a walk in the neighborhood after a much-needed (and very traumatic haircut).
Will just gets smarter and sillier by the moment.  He likes to race.  We took him to the park last night and would have races on the grass.  We count...1, 2, go!!  He's a really independent little guy and if he can do it for himself, he'll find a way.  Nevertheless, when he knows he can't do it, he'll gladly hand it to me or Geoff and ask for help.  He still loves his "cars" has started referring to some of his other favorite things as cars.   The TV and remote are "car", my iPhone is "car", his stroller is "car".  It's cute.  He does say a lot more, too.  He likes to point out mail (mailboxes), flowers, trees (and cars, of course) on our evening walks.  He said bubbles last night for the first time while we were blowing bubbles.  So, that was fun. 
I was cooking dinner one day and I peeked into the living room to see what he was up to and found this scene.
Another dad we ran into at the park last night commented on what a big boy he was (Will was the same height and weight as his 2 and 1/2 year old daughter) but then on what a "great energy" Will had.  He went on to explain that lots of boys his age just seem so out of control and he thought Will was just a great little one.  That made my mommy pride beam a little.  He IS such a good guy.  Laid back and sweet, but still has some serious spunk and personality.
Playing Guitar Hero with dad. He plays half the time and dances the other half.
I'm grateful for California.  I often miss my friends from Fargo, but I know this was the right move for us.  I'm so grateful for a husband who has embraced this beautiful area in which we live and is willing to make a home with his little family - wherever that has taken us. 


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