Will was fortunate enough to follow after his father in one regard - hair.  Little Amanda was born with some hair, but it promptly fell out and didn't really make a comeback for a couple years. 

Mr. Will was born with a pretty full head of dark hair - with a particularly think patch right on top.  And, while it thinned a little, most of it stayed. 

The original 'do.
The downside to this is that the hair on top has always been about twice as long as the rest of his hair.  This has become a particular problem in the last month or so, as it is always in his eyes!  So, I'm constantly pushing it to the side, which ended up looking like a bit of a comb-over - which is never a terribly desirable hairstyle.

I wanted to make sure we got some family portraits and a few decent 12-month shots of him before we cut his hair.  We did some family pictures on the 20th, so it has been documented.  On the 26th, Geoff and I decided that the time had come to get that boys hair out of his eyes.  We made an appointment at a local children's salon called "Lil' Whipper Snippers" and so it was done!
An idea of the hair-in-eye (and food) we've been dealing with.
And the comb-over.  My dad affectionately referred to it as the "Hitler" hairdo.
There were some tears, some giggles, and some total confusion, but in the end - he looks adorable.  At this length I'll have more styling options (style it up in the front, down in the front, fauxhawk, etc...).  Plus, we're getting some family pictures taken with the Parker clan when we are in Utah this weekend, so we'll get some family shots with the new 'do as well. 

First snips
"Mom, get me outta here!"
All done!
Feeling better.
Back at home afterward.


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